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How it Works.

User Focus
MindEnabled Hardware With Information Amplifier
Bayesian Analysis of Repeated Efforts
Improves Accuracy of Answers
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Simple training. Fast learning.

We create games that allow user focus to answer
questions or predict future results.

Simple training. Fast learning.

You start with a game called MindEnabled® Trainer. ME Trainer allows you to see in
real time the amount of effect your concentration can produce — your score.

Simple training. Fast learning.

See how practice improves your skill. Then try our other
games, like Market Predictor and MindEnabled® Hit Contest.

Simple training. Fast learning.

Use your new skills of focused effort with MindEnabled® Technology to predict
the stock market or control game play in MindEnabled® Games.


This site comes from the minds at Psigenics, a technology company providing online services and games — all utilizing their patented MindEnabled® Technology. It’s a radical new way to interact with games and computers, providing a direct link between user focus and gameplay. The technology has also been integrated into a revolutionary Question Answering System that can provide information not available on the Internet — or anywhere else.

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